About our Church

Saalem Pentecostal church is a bilingual evangelical Pentecostal assembly affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, located in the heart of the city of Toronto.

The church was started over 80 years ago from humble beginnings by immigrant Pentecostal Christians from Finland who sought a place to worship in their native language. The Finnish language is still used in regular services alongside English language worship services. On the first Sunday of each month the church comes together for a truly bilingual communion service.

The church seeks to be evangelical, preaching the good news of salvation through the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross of Calvary. We believe God’s invitation is open to all (whosoever will) to come to Jesus to receive forgiveness of sin and new life in Him.

Saalem church seeks to be truly Pentecostal in experience, and desires to be open to the supernatural move and ministry of the Holy Spirit in every service. We believe the ministry of the Holy Spirit did not end with the early church but God continues to work today as He has always done.

The church desires to be a place of worship where God is given praise, glory and honour in Spirit and in truth.

The congregation values Christian fellowship, discipleship and various kinds of ministry opportunities for all ages, including the elderly. A seniors group meets regularly. The ministry to youth and children is given high priority in weekly ministry and special occasions such as children’s daycamp and one week summer camp.

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