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Youth Ministry
“The REACH” is the new name for Bayview Family Church’s Youth Group.
…We want to be ALIVE and full of the power of God!
…We are YOUTH (between the ages of 13-25).
…We want to MINISTER (share what God’s done) to other people!

If you are around 13-20yrs of age, why don’t you check out our THE REACH youth nights this summer! All throughout this summer we will be holding youth meetings. Of course the format of the meetings will be more casual due to the season, and we will have meetings at some homes, outside with sports and BBQ, as well as the Church. Although some people might miss a couple of weeks during the summer season, there are usually visitors from out of town hanging out with us.

A bit about our typical Church meetings: They usually consist of worship through music (with singing and instruments), interactive games, discussions, learning more of the Bible, praying together, and just hanging out. Our meetings are pretty relaxed and we work at always creating a warm & welcoming atmosphere for everyone,

-Jacob Puiras

Check out our Youth Website at to find out all the info relating to youth ministry.

At Saalem there is always activity of different kinds. We try to have something for every age group. There is program for children, the youth have their own evening. Also, for over 25 years there has been an active seniors group. To this group we invite all seniors, the age limit has been 60+, but no one has ever been refused entry, all are welcome. This activity is designed to include also those who are not members of the church. In principle, we function like any other church related function, we sing, we pray and every so often we do something new. We have directed our efforts to support missions, and other undertakings which go along with other projects of the church. During the years Mirjam and I have given leadership to this work, we have noted that some things have not changed namely, the coffee and the giving to missions. During the coffee break there is always an opportunity to donate toward missions. As special program numbers we celebrate birthdays, each one in turn. This involves telling stories, poems, songs and so on. Come and join us even if you may not be interested in everything we do, come anyway. We have enjoyed having our pastor and his wife join with us.
Raimo and Mirjam Silegren

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